DPTU TIM SORS LTD - Skopje is a company that is successfully running since 2007, when it is formed.

The main activity of the Company is supplying its customers with various types of packaging, office and school supplies, various kinds of paper, raw materials for printing houses, as well as finished printed forms.

TIM SORS LTD is working with companies from the country and abroad and is the general representative of several companies, manufacturers of laminated and aluminum tubes. Same are used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

The company has its own business premises of 200m2 in the center of Skopje, 500m2 warehouse storage space, as well as, its own drive park.

TIM SORS LTD employs experienced staff who have spent many years in the branch, but is also open to newly educated and ambitious young people, which along with our company would have drifted into the heights of the business.